Media Things

This post contains various links to press articles I've contributed to, as well as other media, including recordings of talks I've been involved in.

Media Things

I thought I'd use this post to catalogue a selection of my public stuff; Twitter polls and posts I've created that have engaged people, appearances in the press, podcasts and recordings of talks I've been involved in.

It's mostly so I have a place I can refer to, but hopefully you'll find some of it interesting. I'll obviously keep it updated as I get involved in new things.

Here we go.

Interesting Twitter Engagements

Thoughts on the health impact on people working in information security. March 2020

Thinking of running a phishing simulation against your firm? Do it, but don't be a dick about it. February 2020

Hacker terminology; is using the term 'Script Kiddy' dangerous? February 2020

InfoSec loses its mind over yet another low impact vulnerability, January 2020

Keyboard warriors finally have a role to aspire to, October 2019

It's my Twitter and I'll tweet what I want to, August 2019

Nostalgia - what home computers did you own as a kid?, August 2019

DNS over HTTPS - community thoughts, August 2019

Who does the security in your organisation?, July 2019

Google vs Microsoft - on the matter of who takes privacy least seriously, June 2019

HTTP versus HTTPS, the people decide, March 2019

The Password Manager Poll - should you / shouldn't you?, February 2019

My theft of a KiwiCon poster and the subsequent impact it had (it's totally accurate), June 2018


Why You Suddenly Need To Delete Gmail On Your iPhone

Forbes Magazine, July 2021

Why You Suddenly Need To Update WhatsApp On Your Phone

Forbes Magazine, May 2021

Why You Should Stop Using Your Facebook Messenger App

Forbes Magazine, April 2021

Why You Suddenly Need To Stop Using Google Chrome

Forbes Magazine, March 2021

If These 8 ‘Dangerous’ Apps Are Installed On Your Phone, Delete Them Now

Forbes Magazine, March 2021

Do You Suddenly Need To Stop Using WhatsApp?

Forbes Magazine, January 2021

Why You Should Stop Using SMS Security Codes—Even On Apple iMessage

Forbes Magazine, October 2020

FBI ‘Drive-By’ Hacking Threat Gets Real: Here’s Why You Should Be Concerned

Forbes Magazine, October 2020

Don’t Trust Facebook? Now You Have These Two Brilliant WhatsApp Alternatives

Forbes Magazine, August 2020

Is TikTok Seriously Dangerous—Do You Need To Delete It?

Forbes Magazine, July 2020

New Microsoft Security ‘Nightmare’: Users Warned Your Passwords Are Now At Risk

Forbes Magazine, March 2020

How To Protect Your Baby Monitor From Hackers In Three Simple Steps

Forbes Magazine, March 2020

These Ancient Microsoft Security Flaws Are Still Driving Cybercrime In 2020

Forbes Magazine, February 2020

Apple Confirms Awkward Security Flaw: New Google Report Exposes Rival Tech

Forbes Magazine, January 2020

Google Play Protect Secures 2 Billion Android Users—This Threat Disables It

Forbes Magazine, January 2020

US-Iran Tensions Decrease – For Now

Cyjax Blog, January 2020

Are Penetration Testing Tools Infosecurity's Jekyll And Hyde?

SC Magazine, December 2019

New Google Chrome Security Alert: Update Your Browsers As ‘High Severity’ Zero-Day Exploit Confirmed

Forbes Magazine, November 2019

Apple Confirms iOS 13 Location Privacy Bug Impacting Millions Of iPhone Users

Forbes Magazine, September 2019

Apple Tops Phishing List, Microsoft Conspicuous By Its Absence

Forbes Magazine, September 2019

Has Chrome 76 Given Billions Of Google Users An Incentive To Use Firefox Instead?

Forbes Magazine, August 2019

Windows 10 Users Warned Of 100M Advert Bombs Security Threat

Forbes Magazine, July 2019

People increasingly trust machines more than humans to manage cyber-security

SC Magazine, July 2019

Confirmed: NASA Has Been Hacked

Forbes Magazine, June 2019

Warning: Google Researcher Drops Windows 10 Zero-Day Security Bomb

Forbes Magazine, June 2019

NSA Warns Microsoft Windows Users: Update Now Or Face 'Devastating Damage'

Forbes Magazine, June 2019

2.3 Billion Files And 11 Million Photos, 'Private' Ones Included, Exposed Online

Forbes Magazine, May 2019

Adblock Plus Exploit Can Let Hackers Read Your Gmail - What You Need To Know

Forbes Magazine, April 2019

The Amazon Selling Machine

The Atlantic, October 2018

Vendor Landscape: Application Security Testing

Forrester, August 2017

Application Security Testing

Gartner, July 2017


Zen Internet - IT Insight Tech Podcast

Speakeasy - The Beer Farmers Guest Podcast

Mashed! - The Beer Farmers Regular Podcast

The Many Hats Club, January 2020

Risky Business, January 2020 (Referenced)

The Many Hats Club, October 2019

High Tea Security Episode 2 - Where The Weird Things Grow, October 2019

The Many Hats Club, September 2019

The Many Hats Club, July 2019

The Human Factor, July 2019 (Referenced)

The Many Hats Club, June 2019

The Many Hats Club, May 2019

The Many Hats Club, April 2019

The Many Hats Club, March 2019


Troy Hunt's Weekly Update 142, June 2019 (The Beer Farmers)

Training (with Sean Wright)

Hacking Your Career, June 2020

Hack the Planet! - Juice Shop Edition Part One, June 2020

Introduction to Secure Coding and The OWASP Top 10 (2017), May 2020

Introduction to SSL / TLS Certificates, May 2020

Introduction to Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), May 2020

Introduction to Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), April 2020

Conferences (Co-organised and co-hosted)

BeerCon4 (#BC4), October 2022

BeerCon3 (#BC3), October 2021

BeerCon2 (#BC2), October 2020

BeerCon1 (#BC1), December 2019

Talks (The Beer Farmers)

BSides Newcastle, September 2020

Cyber Scotland Connect, September 2019

BSides Manchester, August 2019

SteelCon, July 2019

BSides Liverpool, June 2019

BSides London, June 2019

BSides Edinburgh, April 2019

Le Tour Du Hack, March 2019

Securi-Tay, March 2019

BSides Leeds, January 2019

Talks (Individual)

DEFCON Newcastle, July 2020

BSides Manchester, August 2018

OWASP Manchester, July 2018